Q: What is UNIQUE about your TEDDY BEARS?
A :  I make what my Grandmother and many call HEIRLOOM teddy bears. That means that they are 100% handmade with ONLY my two hands and use ONLY the best quality fabrics and threads. They are also FULLY JOINTED in the traditional GERMAN way using CUSTOM MADE wood washers, METAL WASHERS, and HAND BENT cotter pins on there HEAD, ARMS, and LEGS. Also, unlike most traditional jointed teddy bears that are usually short haired and naturally colored, my teddy bears are instead HUGE, EXTRA FURRY, and BRIGHTLY COLORED.
Q : I have not RECEIVED MY PACKAGE even though its been marked as delivered, what should I do next?
A : The next best thing is to contact your local post office/go online to let them know that the package wasn't delivered. If after double checking and you still are unsure of its whereabouts, I would suggest you file a claim through USPS. Unfortunately after the package leaves me, I am not responsible for refunding or replacing the item.
If the item comes back to me because the wrong address was written, I am not responsible for paying the shipping costs to re-send the package. The buyer is responsible at checkout to make sure that the address is correct.
Q : I DAMAGED MY TEDDY BEAR, can you fix it?
A : Mistakes happen, we are all human! If a TEDDY BEAR gets damaged please feel free to contact me to discuss what to do next. Please note that a repair and shipping fee will be charged upon completion.
Q : How do I  PROPERLY TAKE CARE of my teddy bear?
A : Treat your HEIRLOOM TEDDY BEAR like you treat any PRIZED POSSESSION. Upon arrival your teddy bear will come slightly disheveled, but that's completely normal! Give it a little ZHOOSH, fluff it up, and give him or her a very big HUG! Your teddy can take an AGGRESSIVE CUDDLE and a GOOD YANKIN', but do not push it. They are made to last, but do not get them wet or play in the dirt with them. If your teddy gets dusty and needs to be cleaned, ONLY apply a damp cloth with water to gently wipe away any dirt. Do not brush your teddy with a brush, there hair is PRE-SET and the best way to spruce them up is to either use your HANDS or a WIDE TOOTH COMB.
These are not recommended for BABIES. Teenagers and BEYOND are the best recipients!
Q : The QUESTION I have is not listed here, how can I get in contact with you?
A : Always feel free to contact me via the CONTACT page on my website. Please expect up to 5 business days for replies.