MidnightTeddyBears is a ONE WOMAN OWNED and RAN business created by the artist Cindy Collins. When bringing her teddy bears into existence, she's inspired by NATURAL INSTINCT and INTUITION in order to bring her creations to life.

She creates and is most known for her EXRA LARGE and EXTRA FUZZY teddy bears and is a SECOND GENERATION teddy bear maker. She began her teddy bear making journey in the WINTER of 2021, but made her FIRST teddy bear when she was just 14 years old with her Grandmother Donna.

She hopes in creating these TEDDY BEARS that they will bring a WARM FUZZY feeling to your heart and a little STRESS RELIEF to your soul.

Cindy resides in North Texas with HUSBAND, 4 FURCHILDREN, 3 GEESE,13 CHICKENS, including THE NOTORIOUS Kevin the rooster that was her very first hatchling!

INSTAGRAM: @midnightteddybears